Where am I?/Return to the House that Love Built/Bartje comes to Australia/227

Finnegan here..
Those crumbs Daniel gave me were good, but not great, which he thought he could use those to lure me in deeper into his poison honeypot of bullshit and lies. I ran Miss Thing off with some glaring ugly truth and facts that made him twist and squirm and scream like a vampire in the burning light of day. Good times!

I just love smashing and shattering the cheap bitch dreams of lazy whore delusions! The time and money this saves me!

Time well spent!

Tune in later for more juicy and exciting details
Your Merry, Merry TimeSpacePilot
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Where am I?/Return to the House that Love Built/Bartje comes to Australia/19

Finnegan here..
After a strange night listening to some people two houses down, I got this weird feeling I was being watched. By morning this feeling of dread increased as the people were talking so loudly that I could hear them through the partially opened door of his bedroom. I thought they were on the phone with him, telling him the neighbours had seen me smoking drugs through the window, and that a stop on payments to the house from bank had been made until I could be moved out elsewhere. As soon as Tiger was done on his phonecall I walked in to see him! I thought once again, he was furious with me! But none of this had happened at all.i However, today I learned, beyond a shadow of a doubt that my cheques have definitely stopped. Talked to Cynthia immediately and got her right away! Then we figured out, through conversation, what happened to make me miss this important review. Cynthia sorted out banking info because of my bankcard, but nothing else. She told me she thought I had found someone else more reliable than her to do this because she was getting on in years--and I told her she made that bullshit up herself, probably out of a nagging guiltiy conscience! Been cut off so many times now, but have always gotten back on that horse with Cynthia's help. Because of the Corona Virus, it will have to be done entirely online! Definitely a job for Cynthia! She agreed to talk on it tomorrow. At first, there was this crushing sense depression, but then I realised I would be getting a much needed long break from hard drugs! A blessing in disguise for sure.

Tune in later for more juicy and exciting details
Your Merry, Merry TimeSpacePilot,
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Facebook's Letter to me about The Online Accounts Miguel's deleted and hijacked.

to: maylea23@hotmail.com
> From: info+yr3vn5q@support.facebook.com
> Subject: Re: My Account Has Been Hacked And My Login Email Has Been Changed
> Hi,
> Thank you for your email. We will investigate this report and take the appropriate action based on our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. However, our records indicate that you are writing to us from an email address associated with an existing Facebook account.
> For security reasons, you must correspond with us using an email only you can access. Make sure your browser is not logged in to Facebook and then complete the appropriate form at:
> http://www.facebook.com/help.php?page=420
> If you have access to the original email address associated with your account, please list that one in the form. Otherwise, enter another email that only you use. If you have lost access to your email and do not have another one, you can create a new email account for free using a web-based provider (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.).
> Unfortunately, we will not be able to send further information about the reported account to this email address.
> Thanks for contacting Facebook,
> Amit
> User Operations
> Facebook

Of course, this came too little, too little, too late. I had to do a whole new FB account.

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For my vegans/vegetarians in the house?

I was wondering if folks in here that aren't meat-eaters could tell me some books/movies/media that helped convince them to make the switch? What worked for you, what didn't? I'm contemplating switching to not eating meat but I wanna do my research first. I'm looking for books especially written by Black folks/People of Color. Any suggestions?



The Museum of African American History Needs Your Vote!

The Museum of African American History is one of 25 historic sites in Greater Boston selected to compete for a grant. One million dollars is available for historic preservation and the site with the most votes is guaranteed to receive a grant.

When you vote for the Museum, you help to save a vital part of African American history: the Abiel Smith School. Vote to repair the leaks and foundation of the school, the first building in the nation built solely to house a black public school.

Vote once a day everyday!

Make sure to register to vote for the Museum of African American History today.

Want to help? Help us by forwarding this message to your friends, family, and colleagues!
Thank you for your time and please visit us at MAAH.org for more information.

Awareness: Save Historical Black Houses | CableVision Editorial

Save the Freeman Houses

September 17, 2008

Not far from Harbor Yard in Bridgeport's South End stand two structures that appear derelict but are of historic importance. They are said to be the oldest homes in the state constructed by African-Americans. In fact, it was two sisters who built them, Eliza and Mary Freeman, all the way back in the 1840s. They're all that is left of a once vital seaside community known as Little Liberia.

For several years the Freeman Houses have been owned by a nonprofit called Action for Bridgeport Community Development (ABCD). Speaking for the group on News 12's Our Lives program, Maisa Tisdale said ABCD has researched and protected the buildings, but plans to renovate them have been stalled by an ongoing legal problem with the city over property taxes.

The city, which claims the right to tax nonprofits that own real estate but aren't using it, says ABCD owes $116,000. Because the agency has not paid, Bridgeport recently moved to take title of the properties and then foreclosed on them. A court ruling supported the city's action.

But fearing demolition, ABCD appealed that ruling and was granted 90 days--that's until November--to find a resolution. The good news is that the city, according to Mayor Finch, agrees that preservation of these homes should be a priority. But of course money as always is the problem.

We hope a settlement can be arrived at. This region--way beyond Bridgeport--is replete with preservation activists and fund-raisers who could step in and help here. And soon, we hope. According to the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, the structures are rapidly approaching the point of no return. Too much valuable history and heritage are at stake to neglect them any longer.

Visit TheFreemanHouses.com to learn more and help!

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